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Wednesday, 11 October 2023

Press Release

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TrakCel appoints Dr. Akshay Peer as Senior Vice President Product at TrakCel

Cardiff, UK, October 11, 2023TrakCel, the leading and proven provider of cellular orchestration systems to the global cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry, today announces the re-appointment of one of its co-founders, Dr. Akshay Peer, as Senior Vice President Product. Dr. Peer returns to TrakCel from Bluecrux, having gained nearly three years of insight into the challenges facing the CGT industry, specifically solutions designed to refine the scheduling of manufacturing capacity. This experience will be critical as the industry continues to position to meet growing commercial demand.

“Akshay developed world-leading Chain of Custody and Chain of Identity expertise, as well as detailed knowledge of cellular orchestration processes in his eight years as co-founder at TrakCel. Following TrakCel’s growth into what is now the leading cellular orchestration systems company globally, Akshay left to further broaden his experience of the CGT supply chain from a different perspective. In the meantime, TrakCel developed its next generation CGT orchestration product OCELLOS,” said Dr. Fiona Withey, CEO, TrakCel. “TrakCel has now regained a co-founder who embodies the knowledge and passion for the Cell Orchestration industry, combining it with first hand recent experience of meeting CGT manufacturing challenges globally. He is therefore able to act as an essential ambassador between the requirements of the CGT industry and the delivery of products to meet those needs. Akshay’s contribution to our product portfolio going forward will be vital as TrakCel continues to develop new partnerships and enhance its suite of products and services. This will be vital for us to develop and deliver therapies safely to patients whilst meeting the needs of the CGT sector.”

Dr. Peer returns following a significant growth period for TrakCel. This includes a new generation of products that enable the sector to orchestrate with therapies in different development stages, from clinical entry right through to commercial. TrakCel believes Dr. Peer’s technological academic background paired with experience gained during his time at Bluecrux will play a major contribution to allowing TrakCel to support future growth of both its own product roadmap and its delivery to the wider CGT industry. Dr. Peer’s immediate focus will be to strengthen industry insights, supporting the product team to enhance the development of specific product features. This will involve a contribution to the definition of TrakCel’s roadmap for OCELLOS based on customer and wider industry requirements.

“Having been part of the founding team of TrakCel in 2012, I have seen the company established as the leading provider of cellular orchestration systems. This has had material effects across the entire CGT sector, as well as the deployment of therapies to patients. Having now completed a set of new challenges from Bluecrux, this has given me a fresh perspective and crucial insight into the main challenges faced during scale-up, directly from a different industry player. This has built on my experience at the forefront of cellular orchestration and my expertise in Chain of Identity and Custody solutions,” said Dr. Akshay Peer, Senior Vice President Product, TrakCel. “I now am able to make an even bigger impact within TrakCel to continue the development of vital products including OCELLOS that will, in turn, make a significant improvement to the delivery of therapies to patients.”

About TrakCel

TrakCel is the market leading developer of integrated cell orchestration solutions. TrakCel has specifically designed these solutions to manage the international autologous and allogeneic cell, gene and immunotherapy value and supply chains. Its platform has evolved in collaboration with, and is increasingly adopted by, leading companies in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industries. TrakCel’s solutions enable real-time control for all organizations working across the entire therapeutic value chain. This control includes patient eligibility (commercial) and enrolment, sample collection, manufacturing and treatment delivery. The TrakCel platform accelerates global scale-up and scale-out of cell and gene therapy products, increasing efficiency and decreasing complexity, while safe-guarding Chain of Custody and Chain of Identity with a full electronic audit trail for administration compliance and traceability. TrakCel was founded in 2012. It’s headquartered in Cardiff, UK with US offices in California. For more information, visit

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