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  • Neil Hunter

TrakCel and ZS partner to advance CGT orchestration through AI and technology

TrakCel and ZS, have announced a partnership to use AI and technology to significantly improve the state of cell and gene therapy supply chains.

Additional details around the announcement

  • The partnership is the first of its kind to apply advanced data and analytics, including AI, to further improve the notoriously fragile CGT supply chains.

  • Currently, CGT supply chains are relying on '20th Century technology', which, given their complexity, along with the cutting edge nature of these therapies, means that TrakCel and ZS are providing a vital solution to a significant industry shortcoming.

  • Both companies are combining expertise from across North America and Europe, and are applying learnings from their work in the wider healthcare sectors to reduce time and cost wasted from inefficient supply chains.

  • By collecting granular data and applying detailed analytics from these, TrakCel and ZS will be able to identify intelligence, risks, predictions and trends to identify common supply chain failures and work out optimal working patterns to ensure CGT supply chains are as efficient and error free as possible.

For more details, please find the release here, or contact the IB Comms team at IB Communications, tel +44 (0)20 8943 4685,

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