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IB Communications Team Touches Down in Lisbon for Advanced Therapies - Europe

Advanced Therapies Europe / IB Communications Press lounge sign


After an eventful journey, we finally made it to Lisbon for this week's exciting Advanced Therapies - Europe. Join us as we share some updates and invite you to get in touch with your press requirements at the show. We've got Neil Hunter on hand to provide expert PR advice (Free if you bribe him with food and drink!). Plus, can you believe it? The weather in England is hotter than Portugal - who would have thought?

A Rocky Start:

Our journey to Lisbon didn't exactly go smoothly. It all began with a rather unfortunate mishap when our aircraft experienced technical difficulties, leading to an unexpected de-planing and subsequent delays. But hey, let's look on the bright side - who doesn't love a good adventure, right?

Estoril, Our Temporary Home:

Despite the initial setback, we've managed to regroup and set up camp here in beautiful Estoril for this week's show. The stunning surroundings, warm Portuguese hospitality, and the allure of Advanced Therapies make it all worth it. We can't wait to dive into discussions about the latest advancements in the field of advanced therapies.

Advanced Therapies Europe / IB Communications Press lounge sign
Advanced Therapies Europe / IB Communications Press lounge sign

Call for Press Requirements:

If you're attending the event and have any press requirements or would simply like to connect and share your insights, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the IB Communications team. Michelle and Neil are here to help spread the word about the groundbreaking work happening, not just at the event but across the industry.

PR Extraordinaire:

Neil Hunter, our very own PR expert, is present at the event this week. If you need some advice on how to get your company's news out there? Neil is here to offer his services, for the price of a Beer and a Pizza, he will make sure you're making headlines in all the right ways.

A Weather Twist:

In a twist of fate (or perhaps a cosmic joke), it seems that England has decided to outshine Portugal in the weather department. Who would have thought that we would be savouring warmer temperatures back home? We're half expecting to see Portuguese locals clad in raincoats and carrying umbrellas alongside us in our shorts and flip-flops. Mother Nature surely loves to keep us on our toes!


As we settle into Estoril for the highly anticipated Advanced Therapies - Europe, we are eagerly awaiting the buzzing atmosphere and inspiring discussions this event promises. Remember, we're here to capture all the excitement and showcase the incredible breakthroughs in advanced therapies. If you need anything or just want to grab a coffee, dinner, or maybe a surprise ice cream treat, reach out – we'd love to connect!

Safe travels and let's make this week and the event a great one together.

-The IB Communications Team

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