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Not meeting company targets this year?

You can still make 2016 successful…

Free marketing consultation could provide the impetus you need

Are you worried that you maybe running out of time to make this year significant and successful? We all know it can be difficult to do business in the summer and xmas seasons, with many potential business partners in holiday mode. While spring is in the air it can seem like summer is on our doorstep bringing sunshine but with it diminishing months of productivity. Confidence in targets can start to wane.

Most senior execs are extremely short on time and resource and therefore it can be difficult to stop and revisit year plans. This is particularly evident when some questions or concerns just bring up more problems. For example, if you question whether your sales leads are being tracked effectively and you find they are not, you then have the task of finding out why and how can you make the process more effective? With targets to meet yesterday, it is no wonder that it might seem more prudent to stick with the modus operandi.

Marketing can directly impact on leads and results. Image Box is a specialist communications agency with a proven track record in delivering enough consumer enquiries to generate tangible progress for businesses - and fast. Commercially driven, we can take your business objectives - whether they be driving consumer and/or trade awareness, enquiries and sales, driving B2B sales, increasing share of voice, or developing and positioning your Company’s brand and values.

If you know where you want to be and want a free marketing consultation please contact michelle@imageboxpr.co.uk.

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