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Why media relationships are so important in delivering coverage that sells

The Mail on Sunday delivers 100s of customers for our client

In January, Image Box placed a story for our client Cynosure on their new fat loss treatment Sculpsure. The new treatment launch was given to the Mail on Sunday as an exclusive. It was a tricky endeavour! A brand new treatment that wasn’t even in the UK when we first began talking to the paper; without a case study and without before and after pictures!

We had a short time frame to provide the exclusive; (with only weeks between one clinic holding the exclusive treatment, to the time the treatment was available in multiple sites with media exclusivity impossible). Many issues arose, from other titles sniffing out the story, to before and after shots being unusable on deadline.

To ensure the success of these types of stories Image Box chooses it’s media outlets carefully and looks after the relationships therein. Our trusted press contacts know they can rely on us for good stories and efficient provision of information. We chose the Mail on Sunday on this occasion because we know that they value our exclusives and trust us to get the job done no matter the obstacles. In addition, they write and publish in a timely manner and are plain speaking, (if they don’t want something they will tell you straight and if they do, they really do). The pièce de résistance - the paper reaches huge audiences with stories also being carried in the MailOnline. In our experience, a good story in The Mail on Sunday will convert in to large numbers of direct sales and consumer reach.

Key media relationships are just one of the assets we have that sets apart from the rest.

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